Pro Tech is a yearlong program that supplies an initial parts inventory which is backfilled by Secured Tech Solutions as it is utilized. There is an annual fee for
each device that is enrolled in the program which covers parts, an asset management portal that is geared to your 1:1 needs and is underwritten by an
insurance company for peace of mind.

Pro Tech+ is a unique program that provides the framework for schools to jumpstart STEM career training for their students while ensuring that
every student has access to a working Chromebook device. Pro Tech provides a dedicated group of students with the toolkits, tutorials, and Chromebook parts
necessary to complete your district’s repair needs.


Pro Tech Repair compensates school personnel for performing the repairs.

Pro Tech Repair+ is geared toward schools and Career Centers that have students repair their devices for workforce training and development and provides
compensation that can be used by the school to fund certification programs – or any other career readiness programs they choose.

Both student repair programs (+) are eligible for Title IV funds.

Pro TechPro Tech Pro Tech+Pro Tech+ Pro Tech RepairPro Tech Repair Pro Tech Repair+Pro Tech Repair+
Unlimited Parts*
Eligible for Federal Reimbursement Program
School Reimbursed for Repairs
On-site Training
Video Tutorials
Repair Manuals
Student Tool Kits

* Excludes batteries and motherboards
** All Pro Tech programs are fully underwritten by Growers Mutual Insurance Company