Pro Tech is a unique program that provides the framework for schools to jumpstart STEM career training for their students while ensuring that every student has access to a working Chromebook device.  Pro Tech provides a dedicated group of students with the toolkits, tutorials, and Chromebook parts necessary to complete your district’s repair needs.


Pro Tech prepares participating students for higher paying careers in technology through project-based learning.  Participants experience social-emotional learning as they work as a team to solve complex issues, develop processes, and take on leadership roles.

At the same time, Secured Tech Solutions supplies schools with the Chromebook parts necessary to allow their students to quickly repair and return their broken Chromebooks to their fellow students.  The objective of this component is to eliminate the burden of sourcing parts, creating PO’s, and all the headaches that you currently experience. 

How it works

Pro Tech is a yearlong program that supplies an initial parts inventory which is backfilled by Secured Tech Solutions as it is utilized.  There is an annual fee for each device that is enrolled in the program which covers parts, toolkits, and tutorials for your student repair program.  Secured Tech Solutions will act as a consultant throughout the process.  We can even help you secure government funding for the program.  The process could not be simpler.