Darlington County School District is excited to partner with Secured Tech Solutions Community Buyback program to offer our retired iPads and MacBooks to our faculty and staff.

SALE OPENS JUNE 27, 2022 at 9AM (EST)

Device Logistics

Each device sold by Secured Tech Solutions will first be wiped, cleaned and tested by STS before shipping to the buyer. Devices are reset to factory settings.

Devices are covered by a limited 30-day warranty. Sales tax is collected on each purchase per state law. Please note that some of these devices may be engraved.

You MUST use your Darlington-issued email address to make your purchase. Your purchase may be denied if you do not confirm that you are a faculty or staff member of Darlington County School District. 

There is a limit of two devices per household.

Devices ship 1-3 business days after purchase.

Devices For Sale

Please do not attempt to purchase more than two devices. For example, you may purchase [two 6th Gen iPads], OR [two MacBook Pros], OR [one 6th Gen iPad and one MacBook Pro]. There is no limit on accessories and chargers.

Macbook Air (Core i.5) 13" 2017


13″, RAM 8gb
Storage 256GB SSD

MacBook MagSafe 2 Charger


MacBooks DO NOT include a MagSafe charger. You are able to purchase NEW MagSafe 2 Chargers upon check-out.

6th Gen iPad


9.7″, 128GB
Wifi Only, Silver

iPad Charging Cable & Brick


iPads DO NOT include a lightning cable or wall adapter. You are able to purchase NEW MFI-Certified Lightning Cable and 12w OEM Charging Brick Combos upon check-out.

Protective Case


Fits iPad 6th generation only, does NOT fit the MacBook Air 13″ devices


*There is a maximum of two devices per household (Ex: [2 MacBook Airs] OR [1 MacBook Air & 1 iPad 6th Gen], etc.)
**All devices are USED
***OEM certified Charging Cable and Brick Combo, as well as MacBook Chargers, are new (not used)
****Protective cases are new (not used) and ONLY fit the 6th Gen iPads, they do NOT fit the MacBooks

RETURN JUNE 27, 2022 at 9AM (EST) to Purchase

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