Accidental Damage Protection (ADP)

Eastern Howard School Corporation is excited to again partner with Secured Tech Solutions to offer an opt-in accidental damage protection plan for our student iPads. This coverage will protect your student-issued device (does not cover loaners) from incurring repair costs due to accidental damage.  Coverage will begin when school commences on August 4 or when purchased. Damage that occurred before ADP plan was purchased will not be covered.  Enrollment will close on September 3.

Covered incidents include:

  • Drops – Resulting in cracked screens or broken internal parts
  • Liquid – Spills, splashes, or full immersion
  • Accidental damage (not deemed to be usual wear from use)
  • Theft, robbery, or burglary (with police report)


  • Chargers
  • Loaner Devices
  • Protective Cases
  • Headphones

Current repair costs without coverage:

EHSC iPad Repair Prices Cost
Total Loss
Charge Port
Most Other Fixes *
Headphone Pull

* Most other repairs include:

  • Rear Camera
  • Front Camera
  • Volume Flex
  • Power Flex
  • WiFi Antenna
  • Cellular Antenna
  • Home Button
  • Headphone Jack

** Multiple repairs within same device qualify for discounts:

  • 1st part (most expensive) full price
  • 2nd part 50% off
  • 3rd part 75% off

Enrollment is now closed.