Accidental Damage Protection

Accident coverage for your school’s devices.

Secured Tech Solutions is proud to offer underwritten accidental damage protection that can be purchased by school districts or parents for their 1:1 or teacher devices. Our ADP program covers device repairs provided by Secured Tech Solutions.

Our Repair Process

Devices covered by Secured Tech Solutions’ ADP follow our simple repair process for repairs and there is no charge to you – charges are filed directly with the insurance company. If devices are deemed unrepairable (total loss), you receive a check for the value of the device.

1. Retrieve Broken Device

Your device is broken – now what? Whatever repair(s) your device may need, Secured Tech Solutions offers a quick and easy repair process with exemplary repair results. 

2. Log on to STS Website

Use our site to submit your request for a repair. In 90 seconds or less you can enter the information Secured Tech needs to initiate your repairs. 

3. Print Label And Ship

Shortly after requesting a repair on Secured Tech Solutions’ website, you will receive a prepaid shipping label. Box up your device, print the label, attach it to the box, and send it to STS!

4. STS Receives & Repairs

Secured Tech conducts a thorough diagnosis on every device they receive. Any new problems will be communicated to you before they are fixed. Secured Tech strives for a one-week turnaround on all repairs. 

5. Receive Repair Device

Check the mail! Your repair device will arrive 1-2 business days after you receive the tracking information. Your repaired device arrives clean and charged; begin using it immediately. 

6. Live Happily Ever After

Enjoy your repaired device and feel confident that if something happens again, Secured Tech Solutions is just a click and ship away from repair. 

Easy to Use
Customer Portal

Secured Tech Solutions partners with RepairShopr to provide customers with an easy to access and use online portal. Our portal allows you to input repairs, approve/decline estimates and pay invoices, check for status updates and keep tabs on your repair and financial history.

Benefits of our ADP

$0 Deductible

No Limit On Claims

Coverage Cost as Low as $28

3 Year Options for iPads

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