Accidental Damage Protection (ADP)

Enrollment is Now Closed

Scott County District 2 has again partnered with Secured Tech Solutions to offer Accidental Damage Protection for your student issued iPads and MacBooks. ADP protects you from incurring repair costs due to accidental damage and theft. Enrollment was open until August 31, 2022 for all students, grade K-12, and is now closed. This protection will cover your student’s device through July 1, 2023. The costs for students in grades K-8 (iPads) is $25 and the cost for students in grades 9-12 (MacBooks) is $50.

Coverage Includes

Exclusions: Chargers, Intentional Damage, Protective Cases, Headphones, Lost Devices

Current repair costs invoiced to parents without coverage:

Repair PricesiPads
Grades K-8
Total Loss$294
Charge Port$69
Headphone Pull$30
Liquid Damage$99
Most Other Fixes$69
Repair PricesMacBooks
Grades 9/10
Total Loss$779
Liquid Damageup to $425
SSD Replacement$367.84
Repair PricesMacBooks
Grades 11/12
Total Loss$425
Liquid Damageup to $425
SSD Replacement$307.12

*Most other repairs (iPads) include: Camera, Volume or Power Flex, Antenna, Home Button, Headphone Jack, Speaker Set

**Please note that some breaks require more than one part to be repaired.

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